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More about the Limebrero

Designed to drain fresh lime juice directly into your beer bottle. This clean & easy tool will keep the lime juice in your beer bottle and not all over it and your hands.

The Limebrero is fun & easy to use! Just cut a lime in half laterally, so that you separate the top & bottom. One half of a lime can usually produce enough lime juice for up to 4 beers. With the Limebrero mounted on the top of your beer bottle, take one of the halves. While holding the Limebrero firmly in place, press the lime half down onto the juicer with a bit of a twist. You'll get fresh lime juice directly into the beer bottle with no mess! It'll be one of the best beers that you've ever had!

Limebrero comic strip

More about the Lime Funnel

For those of you that prefer a lime wedge in your beer, the Lime Funnel has got you covered. The Lime Funnel will make sure that your juice & lime wedge go directly in the bottle and not squirt you in the eyes or get juice all over your hands.

The lipped edge on the inside of the Lime Funnel keeps the lime wedge and juice going where you intend, right down the neck of the bottle. To release maximum lime juice, mash the lime wedge against the inside of the funnel before forcing it down into the bottle with a finger or thumb.

It's never been this easy and you'll never want to do it the old way again. Lime it Right!

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